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“Making A Pawsitive Difference” Help Us Naming Opportunities


Why “1”?  Imagine being that “1” dog or cat we have to turn away because we just don’t have the space?  Help us say yes, help us save hundreds more each year,  help us build our facility.

In our new facility, we will have multiple adoption counseling rooms for adopters to comfortably meet with dogs and cats in calm and private area.  These rooms will allow our counselors to talk about responsible pet ownership, answer questions and ensure the pet and new family are a great match. Since many of our animals will live on site, we will be able to be open six days a week which will allow potential adopters to meet several animals.

We currently lease 1,000 square feet of space. This space is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. It often becomes congested with animals, visitors, adopters and volunteers.  We can only safely feature 10% of our animals at one time.  This makes it difficult for adopters to comfortably meet our animals.  It also poses a challenge for adoption counselors to meet with potential adopters to discuss which pet is the right match for their home.


There isn’t space to store medical supplies, food and other items necessary to care for the animals in our program. We depend on volunteers to keep items in their homes.  Additionally, we have rented space to store fundraising event items and other donations.

Our new facility will provide ample storage space for all items.  This will allow for better tracking, better prices (buying in bulk) and easier pick up.  It will also allow us to  have all of the items in one place.

Current Challenge:  Storage Space


Current Challenge: Animal Adoptions

Current Challenge:
Animal Intake/Space

Hundreds Turned Away, Mainly Due to Space

We currently lease 1,000 square feet of space. This space is not large enough or set up to house animals. Our animals currently live with foster families.  On the weekends, animals are brought to the center where the public can come to meet them. Due to space, less than 10% of our animals can safely fit at the center.

Our new facility will allow us to house 100 additional animals (50 dogs and 50 cats) and allow visitors to meet all of them under one roof versus just under 10% that we can currently bring in at once. We will also keep, and continue to grow our foster base for those animals that need special care.  All of this will greatly decrease our denial rate.